Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures.

June 21, 2019
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The 10 best secrets, surprises and Easter eggs from 'Toy Story 4' "Toy Story 4" producer Jonas Rivera says it is one of his favorite moments ever at Pixar Studios. The film's creative team members had come up with a minor role - that of a motorcycle-riding toy - and they were interested in having Keanu Reeves provide the voice. The thing was, it was envisioned only as a "gag character," Rivera recalls - a Canadian daredevil action figure named Duke Caboom, a stuntman evocative of Evel Knievel's era, who might get a few one-liners. After Pixar became intrigued following a "blind" audio test, though, Reeves requested a lunch meeting before officially saying yes. Soon, the "John Wick" actor pulled up to the Emeryville, California, studios riding his motorcycle - and he had questions. "Is Duke mad at Rejean?" Reeves asked, referring to the boy who had owned the toy, Rivera recounts. "Is he mad at the TV commercial" that popularized him? "We were workshopping this character over lunch," Rivera says, and Reeves "started to become Duke right in front of us, doing the (karate) chops and getting on a table in the atrium. People walked by (in disbelief): 'Is that Keanu?' " "He became that character - really emoting and getting into it - no different from any other role. He's a delight to work with." By the time the collaboration was complete, Duke Caboom was a fleshed-out, scene-stealing character - another highlight, too, in Reeves' banner year. Here are some other production secrets, surprises and Easter eggs from the film, some of which are illuminated in the new book "The Art of Toy Story 4" (Disney/Pixar/Chronicle Books): - Tinny makes a cameo The one-man band of a plastic music-maker can be glimpsed amid all the film's antique toys. Rivera tells The Washington Post that the appearance of Tinny is a nod to "Tin Toy," John Lasseter's...